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Our mission is to assist our clients holistically by supplying the tools necessary to change lives through the Total Integration of Health & Wellness, Body, Mind, Spirit/Soul. Achieving unity and stability of health & wellness throughout life, as we map out a personalized plan with step-by-step goal setting instructions with the support and guidance/coaching needed to achieve the life style change that you only dreamed of. This being done through the proper application of Nutrition, Fitness, Mental Re-Conditioning, and Meditation Techniques to alleviate sickness and stress from your life, as you make a healthy happy Life Style Transformation.

Nutrition-Fitness-Meditation-Holistic Health!

Total Health Holistic Health Integration means, Body-Mind-Spirit/Soul! NO parts MISSING! This is optimal Health and Wellness. The reason that ALL other plans fail is because one or more pieces are MISSING. If pieces are MISSING You are BROKEN! Let us help you put your health and wellness together, PIECE by PIECE!

What We Do

(Nutritional) Weight Management


Diet and exercise need to be balanced in order to achieve successful weight loss. You can exercise as much as you'd like but if you are not eating healthy, you will not receive the full benefit of weight loss, and vice versa. We can educate you on ways to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your lifestyle and create an individualized plan to achieve your nutritional goals. 

(Fitness) Expert Advise


Our team is specialized in helping people overcome the obstacles of not knowing what to do and how to fit exercise into their lifestyle with complete balance. Our goal is to help you change the way you perceive exercising and fitness, and to develop fun exercising habits and to secure a healthy positive  body image as we craft the perfect plan that would fit into your personal lifestyle. If you struggle with an eating disorder, you should  know that we believe clients can recover and live a healthy, happy life. Remember to always seek clearance from your medical Doctor before starting an exercise plan to establish a baseline.

(Mental) Reconditioning & (Spirit/Soul) Anti-Stress Meditation techniques: Including, Polarity-Duality Therapy


Detoxing your mind from negative thinking patterns and clearing frozen emotions can help you rewire your brain from negative energies, to positive energies. This also helps to clear out toxins from your body which cause sickness as well as toxic egoic thinking patterns that are the root cause of painful abusive dysfunctional relationships. Including, low self esteem, and ego attachment disorder. Introducing Mental Reconditioning, Introspection, and Qui Gon meditation techniques can help heal and restore your brain's neuroplasticity naturally. Our goal is to set you up for success and shift the way you relate to your thoughts and to your True Self, with a Capital (S). You can ONLY be whole and healthy with the integration of Spirit/Soul, Mind, and Body! Starting from the inside-out.

Our Team

Nutritionist-Holistic Health Practitioner-Self-Realization Master Coach and Author, Terri Verhulst CEO & Founder

Terri Holistic Health Practitioner/Self-Realization Master Coach

While in the process of receiving her Nutrition Degree, Terri had the opportunity to complete over 150 hours of Clinical Nutrition at Virginia Beach General Hospital, Meals on Wheels, Assisted Living occupancies, and for the public school system of Virginia Beach, Virginia. While in college she also acquired a National Culinary Certification in Food Preparation and Food Principles. After moving to Los Angeles, California and working as a Celebrity Wellness Expert, Terri also attended Dr. Tea's Holistic Health herbal training session/symposium at the Herbal Emporium located in Hollywood, CA. This lead Terri to expand her work as a Nutritionist to include total health, leaving no parts missing, and becoming a Holistic Health Practitioner to better supply her clients with complete health and total wellness, with the integration of Meditation for the Spirit-Mind Connection, which she has been practicing since the age of five. 

Certified Fitness Specialist


After receiving her Degree in Nutrition, Terri worked as a Nutrition Educator for the U.S. Department of Defense, teaching Nutrition at public health fairs, aboard naval ships, and in class room for active duty military personnel and their families, at Naval Station Norfolk, where she also received her Certification as a Certified (PFS) Physical Fitness Specialist and a (CFL) Naval Command Fitness Leader. Terri also competed on the pro level for Fitness Competitors and became the Fitness Trainer for the Navy East Baseball Team.

Self-Realization Master Coach


  As a young child Terri began meditating and learning how to center and balance her energies. While growing up as a daughter of a minister she learned to transcend religious acts and had an expansion in consciousness experience. Some have called a Kundalini Awakening. This experience was so strong and great that she has written, and is still is in the process of writing books to help others to awaken and move past the pain-body of living in an egoic state of unconsciousness that always produces abuse, pain, and dysfunctional relationships as well as, distorted thinking, stress, low self-esteem, and sickness in the body. Terri has received a Certification as a Life Coach where she primarily works as a Self-Realization Master Coach providing Polarity Duality Therapy, Spiritual (Satya) Teachings on your path to Enlightenment, Agape Love, and Peace. Otherwise known as BLISS in the Vedic Teachings.

My Blog

Our Latest Book Release Available on Amazon

This book is a guide to personal growth, through contemplation, introspection, and meditation.

"Introspective Meditative Moments"

This book is intended as a guide to personal growth, through contemplation, introspection, and meditation. Helping you become aware of the negative emotions and thinking patterns that are holding you back in life, as it assists you in relaxation, and living in the present moment.

By: Satya Terri Verhulst

Book Review

I recommend this book of poetry to anyone wanting to quiet their mind and find peace within themselves. I struggled to slow down and listen to the beauty of silence. This book helped me relax and in turn helped me complete other tasks I needed to do every day. 


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*Consult your physician before beginning any Fitness, nutrition wellness program*

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Holistic Health. Spirit/Soul, Mind, and Body.


Our Customer Stories'

"Terri's extensive background in Nutrition and Physical Fitness instruction enabled her to provide leadership in both components of our Healthy Lifestyle Program conducted through our Center for Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism, located at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. We were excited to be able to report that there were significant reduction in body mass scores for those who were overweight or at risk for becoming overweight. The participants also showed improvements in nutrition knowledge, healthy eating, and nutrition self-efficiency. We are thankful to Terri for working with Children's Hospital and it is with great pleaser that I recommend


-Megan R. Lipton-

The Center for Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism, Children's Hospital Los Angeles 


"I am so thankful to God that I was fortunate enough to have found Terri's holistic health services. Before we met my life was in chaos. Terri guided me through some mental reconditioning, techniques and meditation, as she assisted me in moving frozen emotional energies that helped my get rid of my depression and regain my self-esteem, as well as, improve my physical health. I highly recommend Terri for any and all of your holistic health needs including self-esteem." 

-Jorge Garcia-

Los Angeles Unified Schools

"Terri demonstrated outstanding work while conducting Physical Fitness instruction for our students as part of their preparation for the California State Fitnessgram test. Terri provided well planned and thought out instructional activities that were both motivating and engaging to our students which were ultimately instrumental to their success on the state Test. We were fortunate to have Terri as part of our school family."

-Rafael Alvarez Jr.-

 Program Advisor

"Terri has been very influential in helping me to maintain good habits in my work out routine while active duty in the Navy. Terri helped me to push harder and to work on various techniques that were necessary for maintaining the Navy’s physical readiness requirements. (PRT) I lost 2.5 inches and 12 pounds by adding her suggested fitness and nutritional routines. Her influence has even carried over into my life away from the Navy and I have maintained my lean physique 3 years after retirement! Plus, all the spiritual talks enabled me to launch into the deep. Thanks, Terri, for keeping me and other military personnel ready to serve our country and stay healthy to enjoy our families in retirement! Bravo Zulu and Hoorah!” Love you to life!" 

-Orlando Thomas-

Retired Navy MMC

“Terri, I can’t thank you enough for making my experience so enjoyable. Your upbeat attitude and ever present smile were such an inspiration to me and brightened up every day! I will really miss you! Thank you!”



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